Alfa Case 20010MTL, funda para micrófono


.longitud: hasta 25.40 cm
. colores: negro y amarillo

. shotgun and studio microphone case
. protection against dust and moisture
. avaliable in six sizes

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Ver, por favor, fundas para micrófono, caracteristicas generales

Even if you didn’t spend a thousand dollars for a shotgun microphone it’s worth knowing yours will get to the job working and ready to go. Our MicTube is designed to carry a single shotgun microphone in a padded weatherproof case. It’s unique O-ringed-sealed lid is designed to keep out moisture dust and grit. Available in six sizes for short, medium and long, hyper-long shotgun microphones plus Neumann Studio mics. Every MicTube comes with a lockable draw-latch top. Plus, each MicTube comes with a two-year warranty that includes parts and labor.

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