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Nautilus, suspensión

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In order to make Nautilus simple to use and universal. the mounting rings should be able to slide along a single rail:
. this allows the end user to position each mounting ring anywhere on the rail:
“any size microphone, from a Sanken CS-1e up to a Sennheiser MKH8070 can be used with just this one mount”
. additional mounting rings can be easily added to help support the weight for heavier microphones,
. there are two tensions of mounting rings available at this time.

One of the biggest problems to solve was isolation in three dimensions (on an X, Y, and Z axis).
. The Nautilus (patent pending) has successfully achieved three dimensional isolation due to the fact that the microphone is suspended in the center of the mounting ring, allowing it to move in any direction no matter which way the microphone is oriented.
This is critical when using microphones like the Schoeps modular series of microphones with a GVC swivel.

Since The Nautilus (patent pending) is so simple in its design, that means parts are easily replaceable. All the parts are made from extremely tough, high quality, proprietary materials. But, should something break or fail it is easy to replace any of the parts quickly and cheaply.

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