Audioroot eLC-PO10, cargador LiFePO


. Audioroot eLC-PO4 cargador inteligente
. para baterías LiFe-256Wh, LiFe-512Wh o LiFe-576Wh
. no recomendado para eSMART LiFe-115Wh

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10A 12.8V LiFePo4 charger

This Smart Charger is designed to charge 12.8V(4 Cells) LiFePO4 batteries with a capacity >= 20Ah. It features a three stages charging method ( Constant Current, Constant Voltage , Trickle charge mode) without overcharging the battery . An XLR4 male connector is fitted to mate directly with our LiFePo4 batteries. An internal resettable fuse is installed inside the charger : there is no need to change the fuse after en over-load current cut-off. This charging unit is actively cooled with a small fan that is integrated in the charger’s enclosure.

This charger is fully compatible with our  eSMART LiFe-256Wh and eSMART LiFe-576Wh batteries.

Because of the hgh charging current we do not recommend use of this charger with our lower capacity LiFePo4 battery  eSMART LiFe-115Wh 

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Specifications :


  • AC input voltage 90 to 240 VAC Worldwide power support
  • Input frequency 50/60Hz
  • Input Current Max 3.0A


  • The Battery range is > 20Ah
  • Max. charging current: 10A


  • 14.6V 4.0A
  • XLR4M output connect

LED indicator

  • Red LED = Charging (0-99%)
  • Green LED = Fully charged (100%)

Weight: 460grams

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