Panamic cathedral, pértiga con base fija


.pertiga fija Panamic de 4 m
.pertiga con base de metal
.para situaciones donde queremos un micrófono fijo.
.perfecto para captacion de ambientes, entrevistas
Cathedral, pie de micrófono de 4 m

970,76  (1.174,62  Imp. Inc.)

Un arte de «trípode» para soporte de micrófonos u otros componentes (miniproyectores de luz, minipantallas acústicas,…) que deban ser situados en altura con un impacto visual mínimo, de uso en eventos, conciertos, exposiciones, etc. Es un excelente soporte para micrófonos de ambiente.

Consta de dos (2) elementos:
. base circular, con forma de plato invertido, con un espesor de unos 10 mm,
. material: hierro de cuidada fundición
. diámetro: 45 cm
. peso: 8 kg
. tubo telescópico (idéntico al de cualquier pértiga Panamic):
. longitud plegada: 1.50 m
. longitud extendida: 4.00 m
. peso: 970 g
. secciones: 4
. punta fija

Usually known as ‘cathedral’ microphone stands, these are exceptionally high stands designed for minimum visual impact. The telescopic stem section is based on the established Panamic maxi series carbon-fibre boom pole. The base is finished in a hard-wearing, non-reflective, resin-based ‘Nextel’ paint. This design combination provides a stable stand that can easily be erected single-handed.

The stem is a four-section for the 4 metre stand, and telescopes to only 1.5 metres for transport and storage. It uses the same knurled locking rings with nylon bushes, titanium threaded tip, and carbon-fibre tube sections as the Panamic boom poles (apart from the bottom section), so in the event of accidental damage, spare parts can be fitted by the user.

This type of stand is often deployed in areas of high audience visibility, so care has been taken to minimise the visual impact of the stand base. Because of the innovative use of low mass carbon-fibre tube for the stem, the base can be considerably lighter than was the case with the historic designs of Cathedral stands, which today may require ‘special handling’ due to their weight. The base is 450 mm diameter.

The stem section locates into a boss in the base, and is secured with a hand-operated T-screw bolt. The ratio of size/weight of the base to the length/mass of the tube has been carefully tested to ensure minimal risk of toppling, even when loaded with a relatively heavy microphone. But as ever in such temporary installations, users are encouraged to position the stand and associated cabling sensibly and to ensure that all threaded parts are appropriately tightened.

Scope of supply: The stand is supplied in two parts, with the stem in a hard cardboard carrying case, and base in an optional protective bag.

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