Marenius LTC GEN, generador TC


. generador de código de tiempo de Marenius
. cristal de alta precisión
. pantalla OLED
. carcasa de metal resistente
. diseño compacto
. alimentación interna/externa
. 8 horas de autonomía

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The Marenius LTC-GEN is a linear time code generator encoding SMPTE time code into an audio signal. A very accurate 0.5ppm crystal oscillator is used to ensure time code accuracy for at least 8 hours.

The device is able to read and jam to an external time code signal. LTC-GEN supports cross-jamming between different frame rates. An extremely wide viewing-angle and very clear OLED display is used for time code display, menus and information. LTC-GEN can be powered from standard LR03 (AAA type) batteries and/or an external 5-15V power supply. A supercap is used instead of a traditional backup battery for real time clock and LTC, meaning no internal battery needs to be replaced. A LED is used to indicate operation when the OLED is turned off. The crystal is voltage tuned at the time of the manufacturing of the device. The LTC-GEN is housed in a heavy duty aluminum cabinet.

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Datos técnicos (texto original):

Power supply

External supply voltaje: 5-15 VDC

Power consumption (Typ): 0.2W

Internal battery voltaje: 4-10VDC

Time code output

Output level: 2Vpp (Unloaded)

Output impedance: 470Ω

Crystal oscillator precisión: 0.5ppm

Time code input

Minimum input level: 0.5Vpp

Maximum input level: 5Vpp

Input impedance: 100kΩ

Dimensions and weight

Size: (H x W x D): 3.4 x 8.5 x 9.7 cm

Weight (without batteries): 350 grams

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