Haly-Tek Micro-Cat, antiviento de pelo


. forros de pelo para micros corbata o lavalier
. sonido transparente
. pequeños, discretos al objetivo
. bloquean con eficacia vientos y lloviznas
. universales, útiles y de larga vida
. colores: negro, gris neutro, beige, rojo, azul y blanco.

11,72  29,61  (14,18  Imp. Inc.)


**El precio incluye dos unidades con un pequeño destornillador por cada antiviento.

(texto original del fabricante)

The Micro Cat is small! ( 30mmx30mm with «hair stand on end», a lot smaller than any competitor ). It’s a hand-made lavaliere/lapel microphone windjammer with 3 layers, all with different density and thickness. And with elastics, so it’s easy fitted over the lav’s original «windscreen».

Important!! It’s always vital that there’s air between the microphone membrane and any windscreen. The little metal or foam windscreen / windshield used by Sennheiser, Sanken, Voice Technologies and others, should be used inside the Micro-Cat.

The Micro-Cat doesn’t perform magic! You’ll of course still hear the wind, but yourrecording will not be destroyed.

The Micro-Cat is in daily use in almost every production company and all broadcast companies here in Norway.

Fits all lavs up to 12mm. diam.

Also use it with headband microphone / neck microphone / headset microphone… like DPA 4065/4066 or the Sennheiser NB 2 ( Outdoor vocals, commentators.. )

Available colors :

Red, Blue, White,

Beige/Tan (tedddybear!)

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