Sonosax SX-ES64/ES84, mezclador-grabador sonido


.mesa de mezclas modular para broadcast
.contrucción a medida: EQ, VCA, RF Filter…
.6-u 8 canales entrada, 4 buses salida
.aplicaciones de estudio y directo

9.600,00  (11.616,00  Imp. Inc.)


The SX-ES64 and SX-ES84 offers the essential communication system for on-location recording, OB facilities, or any mobile or studio applications. Its ergonomy has been carefully designed for convenience and ease of operation. Its small size and lightweight makes it easy to carry, even as cabin luggage.


  • Video, TV and cinematography productions
  • Mobiles or stationary Post-production facilities or recording studios
  • OB Van, Live Broadcasting, sports events
  • Analogue or digital recording of acoustical music
  • High end installations in concert halls or theaters
  • Home studios

•Small sized and lightweight 6 channels (ES64) or 8 channels (ES84) audio mixer with 4 groups and dual monitoring
•Electronically balanced, transformer less inputs and outputs
•Large audio bandwidth and high dynamic range
•High quality potentiometers, faders and switches, resistant to water projection (IP45)
•Ultra low noise microphone preamplifier based on semi-discrete technology
•Primary passive LF-Cut (Pre-LF Cut) to protect the microphone preamplifier
•48V Phantom power, phase reversal and individual limiter on each input channel
•Channel’s direct output configurable either Pre-EQ, Post-EQ or Post Fader
•3 band semi-parametric Equalizer, available as an option
•4 mix groups individually assignable Pre-Pan / Post-Pan or Pre-Fader / Post-Pan
•High quality conductive plastic linear fader
•LED Meter on each input for level metering, overload and limiter activity indications
•4 master groups and dual monitoring section with private line for off line communication
•Reference tone oscillator and integrated slate/com  microphone
•Choice of optional connectors for camera’s send/return with confidence monitoring
•Analogue to Digital Converter available as an option, for channel’s direct outputs and main 1&2
•Powered either from internal batteries or external DC voltage 6 to 18Volt
•Low power consumption, lightweight and small footprint


SX-ES64: W: 277mm H: 66mm D: 292mm (10.9″ x 2.6″ x 11.5″)
Weight: 3.55 kilos / 7,82lbs (without batteries)

•RF Filter module for SX-ES64/84
•3 bands equalizer module for SX-ES64/84
•8 channels ADC module for SX-ES64 / SX-ES84
•Hirose 10-pin female output
•Tajimi 12-pin female output
•XLR-3F receptacle wired for external slate mic

•8 channels split cable for balanced direct outs, SUB-D25 to 8x XLR-3M
•4 channels split cable for balanced direct outs, SUB-D25 to 8x XLR-3M
•Digital out cable to Sonosax recorders, SUB-D 25 to 26 multipin
•4 channels split cable for returns 1-4, SUB-D15 to 4x XLR-3F
•Split adapter for Comm PL1 / XLR-6F to XLR-3F and jack 6.35
•Hirose 10pin cable connector RM15TPD-10P
•Tajimi 12pin cable connector PRC05R-12M
•AC power adapter – 12VDC


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